Get In The Sportlight

We offer a wide variety of products to suit your needs ranging from all-inclusive event photography to photoshoots to show off on your social media, action reels, and documenting your active adventures. Climbing a mountain and need someone to immortalize your feat? Need someone to take your perfect surfing shot? We’ve got you. Our staff has access to state-of-the-art equipment including drones and high frame rate cameras as well as various toys to capture you in your element whether it’s on ground, in the water, or in the air.

Sportlight Packages

Personal & Social Media Photo Session

This is our entry level packag which includes a 30 – 60 minute individual session with a SportlightMe professional who will capture the perfect shots to highlight your athletic passions. Basic editing services are also provided.

This is ideal for social media pictures of your training sessions doing laps on your favorite track, in the pool, on your bike, or performing some cool jumps.

Need to create an action reel or get drone footage? We’ve got you, just let us know.


Team Media Session

Get a 45 – 90 minute session with one or two SportlightMe professionals who will capture your team workout, event, or headshots.

This is ideal for team social media content, publications, training sessions, or advertisements. A SportlightMe professional will work with you to edit the photos to your liking. 

Action reels and drone footage available, just let us know.


Athlete Spotlight

Get access to all the resources you need from SportlightMe such as photographers, copywriters, and editors to tell the story of the goals you worked so hard to achieve.

This is ideal for YouTube videos, social media features, and documentaries. We will work with you on delivering your vision while using drone, watercraft, and vehicle resources. 


Event Photography

Provide your participants with amazing shots from various vantage points throughout your event with several photo stations and state-of-the-art technology to deliver dozens of pictures to your participants at a reasonable rate.

This is a tailor-made all-inclusive photography solution for event organizers. 


Need something more specific? Contact us for a tailored media solution.